Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three New Breakout Sessions

Three new breakout sessions posted on the website today!  

JewelryCamp 2011, Tarrytown 15-17 July
Donna Bilak

(Main Room Lecture)
Flora Bejeweled: Horticulture, Jewelry and the Victorian Language of Flowers

The 19th century marked a great age of horticultural interest within Victorian society, through botanical expeditions that brought plants from all over the British empire, to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew where they were they were studied and admired by the public and professionals alike, and via nurseries that sold cultivars for display in the Victorian home. During this time, floral jewelry enjoyed immense popularity in England. Significantly, it was connected to a highly sophisticated language of flowers whereby sentiments were expressed through floral arrangements – thus, floral jewelry was given and worn as tokens of love and friendship. This talk explores the fascinating relationship between botany, fashion and etiquette and their influence on 19th-century floral jewelry design in England, which transformed the expression of human emotion into jeweled bouquets.

(Breakout Session)
Western European Jewelry Design, 1800-1900
This seminar presents an overview of artistic styles, discoveries and technological advances that both influenced and characterized jewelry production in 19th-century Europe. Within this framework, we will examine Neoclassical, Victorian and Second French Empire styles, as well as Arts and Crafts, Wiener Werkstätte, and Art Nouveau.

Lisa Stockhammer-Mial

(Breakout Session)
Wishful Thinking? A Guide to Identifying Authentic Period vs. Reproduction

A detailed photographic journey exploring some of the major clues and
identifiers with the aim of discerning authentic period jewelry from modern
copies or revival styles. Covers Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and the Art
Deco periods. Compares through digital photography actual examples of period
jewelry with modern copies and revivals. Relevant for today's buyer, all are
taken from today's diverse marketplace. 

Carolyn Jacoby

(Breakout Session)
The Remarkable World of Paspaley Perliculture

 Experience the remarkable world of Paspaley perliculture and the development of the finest and most beautiful pearl in the world.  Learn the criteria used to assess and evaluate the physical and quality characteristics that determine the beauty and value of South Sea cultured pearls.  Prepare to be swept away in wonder!

This is just the beginning!  I will be posting many more topics that will be covered this summer at Jewelry Camp!  If you have not already subscribed to our blog, please do so and visit the website regularly for up to the minute information.

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