Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Featured Speaker for Jewelry Camp 2010

Jewelry Camp Featured Speaker

With Jewelry Camp being only 2 months away I thought it would be nice to feature all of our Speakers and the topic of the Seminars and Lectures. Today I am featuring Antoinette Matlins! I hope you enjoy! By the way, if you have not registered for Jewelry Camp yet please know that I only have a limited amount of available space left. Waiting until the last minute to register is not recommended this close to the conference!

Antoinette Matlins is an internationally respected gem and jewelry expert and well-known author and lecturer whose expertise is sought worldwide by clients who retain her to seek fine, rare, or unusual gems and jewels for acquisition. Often seen on CNN, ABC, NBC, and CNBC offering important consumer information, Matlins devotes much of her work to education and consulting within the trade. Former Gemology Editor for National Jeweler for almost a decade, she is the author of many highly acclaimed books on gems and jewelry, and has become a respected consumer advocate in the field. Her most popular books include Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide (now in its Seventh edition and published in seven languages), Gem Identification Made Easy; Diamonds: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide; Colored Gemstones: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide; and The Pearl Book.

Matlins conducts product knowledge training for some of the country’s most prestigious retailers and industry groups, and has an unsurpassed record for translating complex material into relevant, practical, and—most important—useful information. Her consulting services are broad in scope and range from providing counsel on mining and distribution to manufacturing, marketing, advertising and promotion. A former Vice President at one of New York City’s largest consumer advertising agencies, Matlins also has extensive consumer marketing, advertising and PR experience. This expertise, combined with her product knowledge, make her a valuable asset to management teams in the jewelry field nationwide.

(Main Room Lecture)

The Gem in the Jewel: Myth, Mystique & Mistakes
Antique and period jewels can contain fine, rare, natural gemstones that are no longer available or extremely rare and costly today. But if you think that “something old” is more likely to be “the real thing” you are making a potentially costly mistake! Here you will explore the wonderful opportunities and exciting bargains you can find in antiques and estate pieces while gaining insights into the risks that exist and precautions you can take to reduce the risk.

( Workshops)

Simple Techniques to Spot Imitations & the new Composition Ruby
This fun-filled workshop will enable you to learn simple techniques that will enable you to quickly and easily spot many colored gemstone imitations with a special focus on how to spot “composition rubies” – imitation rubies made from a mixture of “ruby” and tinted glass – that are now flooding the market and turning up in antique pieces. Instruments and stones will be provided for use in the class.

Simple Techniques to Spot Diamond Imitations, Fracture-Filled Diamonds, & Coated Diamonds
Imitation diamonds, diamonds treated with glass fillers to conceal
fractures, and diamonds coated with substances to create “fancy”
colors are now commonplace. They are also found in antique and
estate pieces, where buyers often fail to check for these treatments.
This workshop will teach you simple techniques to spot them!
Stones and instruments will be provided for the class.