Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vote for Fellow Jewelry Camper Dale Fournier

Dear Friends and Family,

Today would have been my Grandmother Frances' 98th birthday.  In her honor, I am asking you to vote for the jewelry design I created after her wedding band.

See Below and Many thanks! -- Dale

 Dale Fournier Private Collection is excited to announce its nomination for the
Engagement 101 2011 Bridal Jewelry Awards.

My women’s wedding band called “Grandmother Frances’ Wedding Band” is the piece nominated.  Grandma would be so proud!

Please take a moment to vote for this beautiful wedding band which I designed after my grandmother’s original 1930 ring.

Votes will be received online until May 31st.

Just go to the home page and click on VOTE.

Many thanks in advance!

Dale Fournier Private Collection
"only the exquisite"


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Deanna Farneti Cera (Author) "

Friday, May 13, 2011

Proceeds go to The Romero-Weber Scholarship

Just a reminder that a portion of all sales from the Jewelry Camp Cafe Press Shop will go to the Romero-Weber Scholarship.  So if you are attending this summer this is the place to get all the goodies.  Everything from T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Pajamas and Jewelry, you name it they have it.

Have Fun!!

Monday, May 9, 2011




Hello Everyone:

This is going to be Jewelry Camp’s first real newsletter!  I will try to have one every few months and plan to include interesting stories, facts and upcoming events.  If you have something to add please send it to Sandy.

This year we moved Jewelry Camp to a Professional location for your comfort and to enhance your learning experience.

We are trying to bring you more everyday lessons that you will be able to use in your business.  As this economic environment changes, we as an industry must continue to learn and grow as a community with each other, to network and help each other.

As the economy changes and the little silver bead fades into the background as all trends have...we the antique and estate jewelry industry must and have to bring the Main Street Jeweler something new...

Bring on Antique and Estate Jewelry.  The romance, the quality, the history; the memories (Grandma had a pin just like that one when I was a little girl) it is the comfort food of the jewelry industry.  Antique jewelry warms the heart and brings the memory of childhood alive again.  Bring the Antique and Estate Jewelry alive to your client and the Jeweler.

Remember, the more lectures you attend, the more people you meet and hear, the more you learn from their experiences.  Over the years of Jewelry Camp I have always found even the smallest piece of information that I learn is worth the time I spend at the conference and has improved my business.

This year Judy Cohen will be there with her books and Sandy has arranged for Kassoy to have a small booth for the sale of loupes and gauges as well as take orders for other instruments, be sure to take a moment and visit both websites and if there is something you would like for them to bring to the conference for your purchasing pleasure...give them a call and they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

J.M. Cohen, Rare Books


Our January event was a great success, bringing Tom Burstein, the Vice President of Harry Winston Sales and Nicolas Luchsinger, Vice President of Van Cleef & Arpels to lecture on one stage.  This was Tom’s idea and a great one as it turned out.  Even though we have brought you both of these gentlemen before, this was really the first time to hear and see both great houses on one stage.  To be able to see side by side the beauty of each and the differences, why they shared so many famous and great clients and why.  How each house had it’s own style and feel for each occasion and how each client at different time chose each of these two fine houses to create a wonder for them and all to see.

Our other speakers included Donna Bilak whose talk was of the highest caliber and will be of the same standard this summer as she opens Jewelry Camp on July 15, 2011 with her informative lecture on, Flora Bejeweled: Horticulture, Jewelry and the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Ulysses Dietz again gave a marvelous talk on, Objects of Desire, 500 years of Jewelry and this summer he will talk about his first love of Silver.

Speakers this summer will include some old favorites with NEW Topics and speakers from the past with things many of us have forgotten about.  See More

Michael Goldstein will be presenting a new class on why they like the old style stones and the market as well as his classic hands on estimating and pricing.

Roy Rover will be speaking on Costume Jewelry and will bring a hands-on approach as he will also be displaying at “Dealer’s Night.”

William Drucker will be speaking and also displaying at dealers night too! (Topic to be Announced) See More...

Sandy and I will be keeping the Webber Romero Scharloship going and are looking for applicants and donations.  See More... 

Help information and tips……

In the next newsletter, Appraisals...Dealing with a bad one and how they work.

An Interesting Article...By Joyce Jonas

by Joyce Jonas

In 1902 Albert Edward, Price of Wales, was crowned Edward, King and Emperor of Britain and the Empire, and the beautiful Princess Alexandra, his Queen. The sobriety of the Victorian years was replaced by the extravagant, fun loving decade known as the “Edwardian Era”, dating from 1901 to 1910. In fact, the Edwardian style began circa 1890 and ended circa 1915. Edward VII was a dandy; his Queen epitomized the elegance, gentility and femininity that defined the period, and the jewelry.
Edwardian style was heavily influenced by the 18th century, the period with which the Edwardians had most in common. In reaction to the heavy 19th century sprays, jewelry of 1910 was made to look razor thin, as delicate as fine lace. The commercial use of platinum, which began in Paris in about 1903 and in England three years later, enabled jewelers to use a minimum of this very strong but malleable metal to hold a stone in place, and revolutionized the jewelry of the decade, and the burgeoning century. A profusion of openwork bow knots and ribbons, festoons of floral garlands and intricately saw-pierced rococo designs proliferated, set with European-cut diamonds and large Oriental pearls considered equal in value to the diamonds.
Tightly corseted “S shape” gowns were fashionable, and beautiful silks and lace, created an elegant “all white” look when combined with platinum set diamonds, and pearls. Popular gemstones included Montana sapphires, pale opals, demantoid garnets, and amethyst were most evident. New stones included kunzite and morganite, named for gemologist George Kunz and financier J.P. Morgan.
To the Edwardians, more was better! As in ancient times, emphasis was on the upper torso. Bodices glittered with crescents, stars, and corsage ornaments, worn simultaneously. A “dog collar”, comprised of a diamond-set plaque and up to16 strands of small pearls, was the most popular jewel, ubiquitous because the Queen wore one to hide a throat scar. Long chains interspaced with pearls or diamonds, called sautoires were added, as were multiple strands of various length pearl necklaces. A pendant could be added to the end of the sautoire, and a wide variety of designs included floral baskets, pearl fringes, and “upside down” pendants that resembled handkerchiefs. Other styles included the lavaliere and the “negligee” necklace or brooch which featured two pendants of uneven length. Earrings were comprised of large oval pearl drops often suspended from a row of diamond collets. And by the King’s command, it was de rigueur for ladies of society to wear a tiara; diamond necklaces were supplied with the appropriate findings for conversion.
Upper crust American society had been marrying impoverished members of European royalty, in exchange for titles since the successful marriage in 1860 of Jenny Jerome to Lord Randolph Churchill. Many such marriages followed, including Consuelo Vanderbilt to the Duke of Marlboro. Fabulous jewels were worn in regal abundance in America and abroad.
The arrival in Paris in 1910 had brought an explosion of flamboyant color. Exotic costumes designed by Leon Bakst, dances choreographed by Diaghilev, and the music of Rimsky-Korsakov and Igor Stravinsky radically changed what jewelry and the world would look like, and trumpeted a visual fanfare for the end of an era that will not be seen again in  our lifetime.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
At: Douglaston Manor (7pm to 10:30 pm)

Consolidated Jewelers Association of Greater New York Presents...

Edward Lewand-Barry Block-Michael Goldstein
For further information please contact:"Marcia Mintz  CJA Adminst." Email


Edward Lewand will be speaking ath the JCK Show in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 5th from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm., "Antique and Estate Jewelry: The New Profit Center for the Modern Jeweler"

Sunday, June 5th from 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm., "Life Beyond the Silver Bead: The New Emerging Market of Antique and Estate Jewelry"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have you Registered?

Registration for The 34th Annual Jewelry Camp Filling Rapidly

Registration for "The 34th Annual Jewelry Camp" is in full swing. There are still a few spots available, so if you have not yet registered, now is the time!
PRLog (Press Release)May 04, 2011 – The 34th Annual “Jewelry Camp”
Jewelry Camp has moved! Come join us as we bring “The Antique
Jewelry & Art Conference, Inc.,” to a whole new level! Jewelry Camp
will be hosted this year at “Tarrytown House Estate” located in
Tarrytown, New York just minutes from the City!
With more estate jewelry coming out of the vault and walking in to the
retail jeweler, there is no better time to brush up on your knowledge of
the antique and estate jewelry market. And there is no better place
to do just that and more than the 34th Annual Antique Jewelry & Art
Conference, lovingly known to many as “Jewelry Camp.”
In these economic times we need to get tough, focused and smart.
At Jewelry Camp you will meet and learn from some of the top
experts in buying, selling, appraising and collecting.
The list of experts is impressive. Included are:
Elizabeth Irvine Bray, A Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of
America in New York, Elizabeth Irvine Bray was a jewelry specialist with
Christie's auction house for over 7 years. She is currently a consultant and
appraiser based in Los Angeles, as well author of Paul Flato: Jeweler to the
Paula Bixel, is the CEO of Gilt Vintage and Artisan Jewelry in Portland, Oregon.
Besides providing her clients with high quality vintage and antique jewelry,
Paula’s goal has been to educate and provide a source for information in her
community. The pieces that have fueled her passion are also important pieces of
our history and it is her goal to preserve this history and provide education in how
to care for, identify and appreciate each piece for its specific place in the jewelry
timeline. In this capacity she has provided professional support in the form of
estate assistance, advice to local curators, as well as providing special exhibits
for local galleries and museums.
Cathy Calhoun, Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA), is the new president of
the Society’s Board of Directors. Owner of Calhoun Jewelers, Ms Calhoun sits on
the board of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Jewelers for Children,
DeBeer’s Diamond Empowerment Fund, and Women’s
Jewelry Association. Jewelers Association.
She has appeared on numerous television programs including PBS’s Antiques
Roadshow, ABC’s Good Morning America, and World News Tonight.
As you can see from just this partial list of experts, Jewelry Camp will be no
better place to enhance your knowledge of antique and estate jewelry, to
network, renew old friendships, and make new ones.
And, if you are looking for a position, more knowledge to enhance your current
job or, conversely, if you are able to offer an opening to, or are looking for new
people, Jewelry Camp is the place to be.
To be held at Tarrytown House Estate, located in Tarrytown, Ny just minutes
away from Downtown Manhattan and all airports, the Antique Jewelry & Art
Conference is considered by many to be the best jeweler’s working vacation.
Personal invitation from Ed and Sandy
The goal of Jewelry Camp© is to function as an educational tool to promote
knowledge in antique and estate jewelry not only to the jewelry industry and
collectors but also to the public. It is our aim to create a community for
networking to aid in the dissemination of knowledge.
In this fast paced world, it is important to rely on each other for education,
support as well as networking. We must take the time to help as well as learn
from each other.
This summer Jewelry Camp is bringing...
New Speakers, Old Favorites and Friends from the past to help the dealer and
collector prepare for the growing demand for Antique and Estate Jewelry.
Programs on Victorian, Edwardian and Deco Jewelry, Silver, Costume, colored
stones and diamonds. Knowledge you need for everyday in the “World of
Three days of educational lectures and breakout classes.
To see more about the Antique Jewelry & Art Conference and registration, log onto
Or you may contact me by phone:
Sandy  Lewand
Or by e-mail at
The Antique Jewelry & Art Conference, aka “Jewelry Camp,” July 15th-17th, 2011
Now is the time to go jewelry camping! But enrollment is limited to 110 this
summer-Act Now

# # #
In today’s world we need as much knowledge and information as possible to help us buy sell and collect jewelry. As always, Jewelry Camp is important for networking and meeting people who can help you in everyday tasks.

Joseph DuMouchelle Jewels & Timepieces Auction

Joseph DuMouchelle
May 4th Fine Jewels & Timepieces Auction 
There is still TIME to Bid! 
Great Mother's Day gifts
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