Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 New Positions Open at Harry Winston

Position: Finance Project Manager    
Department: Corporate Finance
Reporting to: Corporate CFO
Location: 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

About the Position:

The company will be launching a series of finance-related projects in order to improve its key finance processes, and is therefore looking for a Finance Project Manager to lead these critical process improvement projects.  Projects could include budgeting & reporting processes, procurement, and back-office optimization.  Finance processes could either be specific to each segment / activity, or be common to both segments (Mining and Retail). The position reports to the Corporate CFO.
Key Duties and Accountabilities:

·         Knowledge of finance, accounting and information systems
·         Experience with project management methodology (possibly with PMP certification)
·         Systematic approach
·         Ability to be a change agent
·         Inquisitive mindset
·         Gets along well with people from different perspectives and backgrounds
·         Consensus builder
·         Works well under pressure in deadline driven environment
·         Manages complex projects with multiple stakeholders simultaneously

Key Job Relationships:

·         HWDC and Harry Winston, Inc. Finance Departments
·         Information Systems

Job Qualifications:

·         Bachelor’s Degree in related field, MBA a plus
·         3-5 years professional experience in finance, accounting, and/or information systems
·         ERP project management experience a plus
·         Internal audit and consulting experience a plus
·         Knowledge of Japanese, Chinese, or French a plus
·         Knowledge of luxury or natural resources sectors a plus
·         Frequent international travel required

Iris Negron
Harry Winston, Inc.
Manager, Human Resources
1330 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Ph: 212-315-7912

Position: Retail/Wholesale Coordinator    
Department: Sales
Reporting to: Global VP of Sales
Location: 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

About the Position:

The Coordinator is to assist in supporting the Retail & Wholesale network with a special focus on operations.
Additionally, the Retail & Wholesale Coordinator will support the Global VP of Sales & New York-based Retail Division Directors with administrative tasks and on special projects.

Key Duties and Accountabilities:

·         Maintain retail and wholesale Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):
o    Retail: End of Month & YTD Flash, Productivity Report, Traffic and Conversion Rate Report, Salon Address List.
o    Wholesale: compile sell-in/sell-out reports.
·         Oversee flow and budget of retail supplies for all salons.
·         Coordinate strategic plan for sales division.
·         Administrative support for department
o    Letter writing, filing, organizing meetings & conference calls, expense reports
·         Special projects as needed.

Key Job Relationships:

·         Global Salon Director & Operational Teams for Salon Retail & Maintenance, CRM and Retail Initiatives
·         Internal: IT, Creative & Marketing team for Salon Retail & Maintenance, CRM and Retail Initiatives
·         Outside Vendors – Store Development, Salon Repair & Maintenance

Job Qualifications:

·         Bachelor’s degree with minimum of 2 years of experience in a luxury company.
·         Strong analytical, organizational and problem solving skills.
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
·         Must be proficient in Microsoft applications (especially PowerPoint).
·         Ability to think and react in a high-energy, fast paced environment.

Iris Negron
Harry Winston, Inc.
Manager, Human Resources
1330 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Ph: 212-315-7912

Position: Manager-Diamond Operations    
Department: Gemstone Acquisition
Reporting to: Director, Gemstone Purchasing
Location: 718 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

About the Position:
The primary purpose of the Manager Diamond Operations is to ensure the smooth and continuous flow of output from the Diamond team.
The secondary purpose of this position is to function as the liaison for the diamond group on supplier payment, inventory control and Merchandising issues, both Planning and Fulfillment.
The third purpose is to assist the Manager of Gemstone Purchasing in  pricing and vendor relationship issues, as warranted.

Key Duties and Accountabilities:
·         Ensuring the smooth flow of output from the diamond team; ensuring that supplier and other departments within the organization are being serviced at an appropriate level and resolving any issues that arise in the course of day-to-day operations.

·         Generating and ensuring the accuracy of the Buy List for distribution to the diamond division.

·         Applying center stones, melee and side stones physically and systematically to the orders generated by the Merchandise Fulfillment group.

·         Ensuring the orders written by Merchandise Fulfillment are accurate with regards to stone sizes and counts and that the proper lead times are utilized when the orders are written.

·         Effectively Managing the Administration team including but not limited to; hiring and training of staff, scheduling, performance reviews and issues, timely deliveries of work orders into production and in ensuring the smooth flow of all daily activities of the group.

·         Ensuring that the diamond team is fulfilling work orders on a timely basis. This is to be accomplished by frequent reviews of the pending work bags to ensure that the work is being completed on or ahead of schedule, that the proper priorities are being met, re-assigning work bags to ensure a continuous flow of merchandise into production and notifying Merchandise Planning and Fulfillment on a timely basis, on job bags that will be delayed in Sourcing.

·         Ensuring accurate inventory counts on the loose lot inventory and reconciling the inventory at the end of each month.

·         Assisting the Manager of Gemstone Purchasing in generating TAG price calculations, pricing estimates and supplier relationship issues, as warranted.

·         Capturing the stone data info in an excel file for future stone data usage requirements, if warranted.

·         Generating reports for the Director of Gemstone Purchasing, as warranted.

·         The timely return of vendor consignment stones by; notifying the salons, maintaining records and ensuring timely shipment of the merchandise back to the suppliers.

·         Ensuring the accuracy and timely completion of other miscellaneous administration requirements of the group.

Key Job Relationships:

1)      Diamond team- on a daily basis to ensure a proper flow of merchandise to HW entities
2)      Inventory Control group- loose lot inventory issues, memo/invoicing issues, proper storage of diamond stock or diamonds under review.
3)      Merchandising Fulfillment- Status of deliveries, diamond estimate requirements, ensuring correct orders are being written,
4)      Merchandise Planning- Status of client calls, late deliveries for stock items, pricing.

1)      Diamond suppliers- resolving any issues that arise on a daily basis, coordinating the return of consignment merchandise,

Job Qualifications:

College degree required.
Proficiency in Microsoft word and Excel and Power Point is required
Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written are required.

Iris Negron
Harry Winston, Inc.
Manager, Human Resources
1330 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Ph: 212-315-7912

Position: Merchandise Fulfillment, Jr. Analyst     
Department: Merchandise Fulfillment
Reporting to: VP, Merchandise Fulfillment
Location: 718 5th Avenue, New York, NY

About the Position:

The Merchandise Fulfillment Junior Analyst will assist in ensuring that all jewelry products ordered by the company are successfully produced in an efficient and timely process. Key duties and responsibilities include the following:

·         Monitor product cost in conjunction with the Analyst.                                                  

·         Establish and maintain bill of materials for manufactured jewelry products.        

·         Process sourcing work orders and merchandise work orders.                                    

·         Assist analyst with component acquisition, monitor component logs and supplies.          

·         Monitor Production Delivery.                                                                                                   

·         Aid analyst with monitoring and tracking of Internal Product Repairs (IPR).         

·         Gem Acquisition Coordination in support of the Analyst.                                             

·         At the direction of the Analyst resolve invoice discrepancies.                                    

·         Create Manufacturing reports in support of the Analyst.                                                             

·         Assist the Analyst in managing the product deliveries.                                                  

·         Assist the Analyst in managing the consignment inventory.                                                        

·         Maintain and file records and memorandums.                                                 

·         Assist in the monthly physical inventory.

·         Execute special projects when assigned by the Director of Merchandise Fulfillment

Key Relationships:
·         Liaise with Gem Acquisitions to guarantee correct bill of materials.

·         Liaise with Quality Assurance

To Qualify: he
·         Bachelor’s Degree.
·         A minimum of 2 years work experience.
·         Previous experience in jewelry merchandising, manufacturing and /or buying.
·         Candidate must be proficient in Microsoft applications.
·         Candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
·         Strong organizational and problem solving skills necessary.
·         Gemstone handling experience is a plus.

Stephanie McKee
Harry Winston, Inc.
Director, US Human Resources
Global Rewards Director
1330 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Ph: 212-315-7918

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hands On Classes to be Offered at Jewelry Camp 2011

Hands On Classes at Jewelry Camp

Good Morning,

Below you will find four of the "Hands On" classes being offered at Jewelry Camp, July 2011.  These classes will be limited to 20 to 25 people per session.  You must sign up for these classes, each class will be held at least two times.

Please note that if you wish to attend either of these classes it is suggested that you bring a loupe (if you do not have a loupe Kassoy will have them along with many other tools).

Upon entering either of these four classes or any other of the classes that requires the handling of Jewelry, you will not be allowed to exit until the end of the class for security purposes.

If you have not yet registered for Jewelry Camp it would be advisable to do so as soon as possible!

To sign up for the hands on classes please send an email to, please include the Speaker's name or name's.  These classes will fill up quickly so do not wait too long!

See you Soon,


Paula Bixel

(Seminar) “Hands On”
What, When and Where of Jewelry Investigation

Through hands-on analysis, the Ladies of Gilt help you develop the vocabulary & techniques to answer the questions: What is it? When was it made? And where was it made?
The goal of this seminar is to enhance your skills for on-the-fly identification.
From our collection at Gilt we have chosen the most unusual, beautiful and exemplary pieces we could find. In small groups you will be able to compare and contrast these common and not so common items. With hands on examination you will find the answers to the What? When? and Where? of antique jewelry.
Have something that you can’t identify? Bring it in and we can all work together to figure out the what, when and where of your mystery piece. The purpose of this seminar is not only to teach but to learn from you as well. So, bring your knowledge, an open mind and a loupe.
Paula Bixel, Jessie Hibbs, Carley Brin Johnson & Lori Williams

Peter Shemonsky

(Seminar) “Hands On”
A View From the Backside

Avoiding costly mistakes by properly identifying and circa dating period jewelry.  Whether you are buying, selling or appraising antique and period jewelry this presentation will cover the key design elements and features associated with antique and period jewelry.  This will be a hands-on presentation so that you will learn what to look for through observing items from the backside in order to distinguish between originals, reproductions and altered pieces.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a loupe and one piece of jewelry to be included in the hands on discussion as well.

Roy Rover

(Seminar) “Hands On”
Costume Fashion

This hands on class is sure to popular one.  Roy will cover identifying and valuing Costume Jewelry from American Makers such as Trifari, Boucher and Pennino to name a few.  So be sure to bring your costume jewelry pieces!

Louis Scholtz

(Seminar) “Hands On”
Fast Track


We will start with 20 trays, a single piece of jewelry per tray covered with numbered piece of paper, 1 thru 20.

Each person will receive a number 1 thru 20, you will then have 10 seconds to uncover one piece at a time you may look at them with a loop but, NO TOUCHING. 
You will then recover the item with the numbered paper and write down NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS.  Everyone will then shift to the right and we will repeat this process 20 times.

We will then have an open discussion with PowerPoint of pictures only using the 3 words you have each chosen to write down for each piece.


In this phase the process is repeated with a twist.  You are now in front of the tray that has your number (the piece is covered).  This time you will have 60 seconds to uncover and examine the piece with a loop then cover the item you then have 30 seconds to write down information about the piece.  Move to the right and repeat this process 20 times.


PowerPoint discussion on what you should have picked up on each piece with full text.

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