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Hands On Classes to be Offered at Jewelry Camp 2011

Hands On Classes at Jewelry Camp

Good Morning,

Below you will find four of the "Hands On" classes being offered at Jewelry Camp, July 2011.  These classes will be limited to 20 to 25 people per session.  You must sign up for these classes, each class will be held at least two times.

Please note that if you wish to attend either of these classes it is suggested that you bring a loupe (if you do not have a loupe Kassoy will have them along with many other tools).

Upon entering either of these four classes or any other of the classes that requires the handling of Jewelry, you will not be allowed to exit until the end of the class for security purposes.

If you have not yet registered for Jewelry Camp it would be advisable to do so as soon as possible!

To sign up for the hands on classes please send an email to, please include the Speaker's name or name's.  These classes will fill up quickly so do not wait too long!

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Paula Bixel

(Seminar) “Hands On”
What, When and Where of Jewelry Investigation

Through hands-on analysis, the Ladies of Gilt help you develop the vocabulary & techniques to answer the questions: What is it? When was it made? And where was it made?
The goal of this seminar is to enhance your skills for on-the-fly identification.
From our collection at Gilt we have chosen the most unusual, beautiful and exemplary pieces we could find. In small groups you will be able to compare and contrast these common and not so common items. With hands on examination you will find the answers to the What? When? and Where? of antique jewelry.
Have something that you can’t identify? Bring it in and we can all work together to figure out the what, when and where of your mystery piece. The purpose of this seminar is not only to teach but to learn from you as well. So, bring your knowledge, an open mind and a loupe.
Paula Bixel, Jessie Hibbs, Carley Brin Johnson & Lori Williams

Peter Shemonsky

(Seminar) “Hands On”
A View From the Backside

Avoiding costly mistakes by properly identifying and circa dating period jewelry.  Whether you are buying, selling or appraising antique and period jewelry this presentation will cover the key design elements and features associated with antique and period jewelry.  This will be a hands-on presentation so that you will learn what to look for through observing items from the backside in order to distinguish between originals, reproductions and altered pieces.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a loupe and one piece of jewelry to be included in the hands on discussion as well.

Roy Rover

(Seminar) “Hands On”
Costume Fashion

This hands on class is sure to popular one.  Roy will cover identifying and valuing Costume Jewelry from American Makers such as Trifari, Boucher and Pennino to name a few.  So be sure to bring your costume jewelry pieces!

Louis Scholtz

(Seminar) “Hands On”
Fast Track


We will start with 20 trays, a single piece of jewelry per tray covered with numbered piece of paper, 1 thru 20.

Each person will receive a number 1 thru 20, you will then have 10 seconds to uncover one piece at a time you may look at them with a loop but, NO TOUCHING. 
You will then recover the item with the numbered paper and write down NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS.  Everyone will then shift to the right and we will repeat this process 20 times.

We will then have an open discussion with PowerPoint of pictures only using the 3 words you have each chosen to write down for each piece.


In this phase the process is repeated with a twist.  You are now in front of the tray that has your number (the piece is covered).  This time you will have 60 seconds to uncover and examine the piece with a loop then cover the item you then have 30 seconds to write down information about the piece.  Move to the right and repeat this process 20 times.


PowerPoint discussion on what you should have picked up on each piece with full text.

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