Friday, February 11, 2011

Venue Changing for Jewelry Camp 2011

After having “Jewelry Camp” at college campus over the years Sandy and I have decided to bring the program to a Professional Conference Center on the Hudson River in Historic Tarrytown, home of Igabog Crane.
We would like your input on this so your response is very important to us we have listen to your suggestions and found the which was Mary Dukes’ estate overlooking the Hudson River.
This fine hotel and conference center has private hotel rooms (with real beds, no more dorms plastic mattress) they are complete with King or two Queen size beds with real sheets, a flat screen TV free wireless internet, a bathroom with all the toiletries  etc. (you can also share a room too)
Hofstra and other campus have to raise their rates for the dorms and us of the facilities, Sandy and I have kept the fee for Jewelry Camp at the same price it was in 1999. But this year even we would have to too. We have found the college campus no longer offer the privacy we need, and the facility at most are run down , A/C does not work in dorm or class rooms, uncomfortable chairs, projectors not working etc etc etc.
The program at Tarrytown house includes all food, housing, snacks morning and afternoon (fruit, muffins, etc) with full coffee and water services all day and all the properties amenities (gym swimming, tennis, private bar, game room hiking path etc. In order to keep the cost reasonable we have rolled the fee into one which includes the room, food and believe me after having a lunch there you won’t be disappointed breakfast includes a stations to make eggs to order, pancakes etc. Lunch we had almond encrusted salmon and a dessert bar to die for.   Dinner is sit down service always offering a choice of three entrees
SO….. Here is the break down Jewelry Camp on a college campus costs with the dorms, registration fee, University fee, food comes (which is usually good to fair at best and most people leave) runs about $1,000.00 plus transportation. With the increases this year it would have been about $1,100.00 to $1,150.00 this new better location will be $1,350.00 WHICH WILL INCLUDE ALL (except transportation)
This is a professional center and we feel you won’t be disappointed BUT WE WANT YOUR IMPUT ASAP this move will be a permanent move. We will still offer a payment plan which we will extent for a month after the program end this year and there is a discount if you share a hotel room. Day rates are also available too. We feel this move will improve your comfort and learning experience
Your opinion is important we do listen and we want Jewelry Camp to be there for you in the year to come so please send you opinion

Thanks Sandy & Ed

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