Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great New Book for Your Collection

Elizabeth Irvine Bray

Paul Flato
Jeweler to the Stars
Elizabeth Irvine Bray
Antique Collectors’ Club ٠ 9781851496242
$85.00 Hardback ٠ 10x13 inches ٠ 224 pages
A tribute to the life and work of the original Hollywood
jeweler - Paul E. Flato (1900-1999)
Paul Flato: Jeweler to the Stars celebrates the work of Hollywood's
first celebrity jeweler. The lavishly illustrated book will feature
stunning examples of the jewels as well as the stars, socialites
and heiresses who wore them. At the height of Flato's career, he
was more famous than Tiffany & Co. or Harry Winston.
Branching into motion pictures at the pinnacle of Hollywood's
Golden Era, Flato designed jewelry for a total of six films,
including Holiday (1938) with Katherine Hepburn and the
disastrous flop, Two Faced Woman (1941), the last film Greta
Garbo ever made. But, in 1943 at the peak of his celebrity, Flato
found himself facing financial ruin and heading "up the river" to
Sing Sing Prison as his career and reputation plummeted. Now,
more than a half-century later, Flato's distinctive jewelry, still
fresh and chic, has reemerged to a new audience and jewelry
connoisseurs alike. The book will be a tribute to one of
America's greatest jewelers.
As well as images of the jewelry, sourced from auction houses
and private collections, this book includes never-before-seen
photographs from the Flato family archives, important New York
and Hollywood clients wearing Flato’s designs, film stills, studio
Publishing October 2010
A Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America in New York, Elizabeth Irvine Bray was a
jewelry specialist with Christie's auction house for over 7 years. She is currently a consultant and appraiser
based in Los Angeles.
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