Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Couple of Seminars Available at Jewelry Camp in January at FIT!

Donna Bilak
The Rise and Fall of the French Crown Jewels: A Biography of an Auction

The 1887 auction of the French Crown Jewels by decree of the French Third Republic was a major event that resonated around the world. Essentially, the republican government that replaced the overthrown emperor Napoleon III intended to scatter these historic symbols of royalty to foreclose any attempt to restore the monarchy. But for the French jewelers whose creations made the collection famous, it was their reputation and cultural heritage that was on the block. And for the American jewelry house Tiffany & Co., it was the making of a market. This lecture explores the collection from various angles, considering the interrelationship between Empress Eugénie’s taste in floral jewelry, 19th-century botany, and the aesthetic of the French Crown Jewels during the Second French Empire; the role of the collection in Belle Époque society on both sides of the Atlantic; and the ramifications of the auction itself in terms of the design and production of European and American haute joaillerie.
Cindy Edelstein, Jeweler's Resource
How to Grow Your Business & Connections Using Social Media

Everyone is twittering but how do you make sure you don't sound like a twit? They're all on Facebook but who should you friend? And "like"? And more importantly, who will friend you? And why?
Spend 60 minutes with Cindy Edelstein and explore your options, learn who's doing what online and how you can jump into the social networking fray and have it be more than a fun time zapper. If you're not networking online you're not in the game and you're not maximizing your professional marketing.
Learn how to help your business reach out to today's fans and the next luxury consumer - the Gen Y shopper who's totally plugged in and interested in information, connection and 24/7 communication.

I will be posting the seminars as available!

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